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BMX Track

Stuart Canvas Products are selected to supply cover protection for the Olympics

Stuart Canvas took pride in being selected to provide The London 2012 Olympics Games. Supplying screens and netting for the Opening Ceremony, covers for the new 400m BMX Track, covers for the tennis events and vet screens for the equestrian events at the Greenwich Park.



With Stuart Canvas covering sporting venues for nearly 40 years and experience in covering bespoke products, we were more than prepared to cover the Olympic BMX track as shown , allowing games to get under way immediately after the rain stops.






Stuart Canvas is the leading provider of veterinary screens in the UK, supplying over 45 racecourses. We were able to produce a number of vet screens for the equestrian side of the games. Ensuring the public or media do not get a view should any horse or rider become injured.



Stuart Canvas is an existing provider of Wimbledon’s tennis covers, and was more than capable to supply covers for the Tennis Olympic event helping reduce potential injury and ensuring the game can resume quickly after the rain. The covers are designed to allow light in without ‘burning’ the grass whilst also being treated to withstand damage caused by fungicides and bactericides used on grass courts, thereby prolonging their life.



Edward Stoddart, Chief Executive of Stuart Canvas said “We were delighted to assist this glorious event in so many different sports but we stood up the challenge of producing products that did exactly what they were designed to do, keep the game going!”