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Air Domes and Air Structures

Air Domes/ Air StructuresOur air supported structures are innovative objects realised with high quality materials and the latest technology. Our air domes offer the advantage of quick erection and the possibility of permanent or seasonal use and are always cost effective. The short investment cycle involved and their long durability ensure high profitability. The special design of the domes gives consumers the same level of comfort they are used to with traditional sports buildings. The domes can be used for any purpose and for any sport, from tennis to football to hockey, and also to cover swimming pools.

Tennis Court Air Structures

Air supported structures are an ideal solution for seasonal or permanent coverage of one or more tennis courts. The particularly quick erection of the dome and its equally rapid dismantling, that leaves no visible traces, allows for temporary or permanent coverage, thereby increasing investors’ profit levels. The translucency of the membrane allows the domes to be used in daylight without artificial light. The excellent insulation characteristics of the double fabric membrane ensure the proper condition for the use of any flooring type.

Football Air Domes

The domes can be made to fit over a 5-a-side pitch or over a full pitch with seating inside. Nearly anything (within reason!) can be achieved and these domes provide you with the perfect facility to train when the weather is bad. Heating and lighting can be introduced into the domes to make it totally self sufficient.

Multi Purpose Activities

With our advanced-technology air supported structure, within a short time, it is possible to install school sports facilities and recreational domes for instructional programmes for various sports. Domes can be erected for temporary, seasonal or permanent use. The air domes offer maximum flexibility for all kinds of sports activities. For different sports (basketball, volleyball, softball and other sports) appropriate sports flooring, along with other facilities from wardrobes to stands, can be installed. The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in the air domes means low operating costs and comfort for the people using them.

Swimming Pool Air Domes

The air domes prolong the use of swimming pools and aqua parks throughout the year (swimming courses, water polo training and competitions, recreation, etc.). Proven technological solutions enable a comfortable warmed passage between domes. Double or even triple fabric membranes are creating new high standards of insulation and condensation prevention and therefore ensure low operating costs.

Air Dome Details

The domes are constructed from a double membrane translucent material. Along with this we can supply all the lighting, heating, inflation, doors and other such items required to use in the dome.

We will supply the specs for the civil engineering work for the ring beam of the dome but we can not install this for you. We suggest a local contractor would be suitable.

Ground Anchors

If ground conditions permit, we can install a series of Ground Anchors instead of a concrete ring beam. This is ideal where a dome is being added to existing courts. The disruption of digging a trench and getting rid of the soil is avoided, and costs are slightly less than a ring beam.This may not always be available on air domes as it depends on the size .