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Ratchets, Lashings and Slings


The patented double slider secures in the intermediate stage when tensioning, using the “half tooth”. This gives you more tension in smaller steps – and conserves your physical strength.  The ratchet lashing straps have clear advantages over chains or wire ropes when it comes to their dead weight – and are thus much lighter to handle. For maximum security when lashing, we developed the self-locking ratchet lever. When lashing, you pull the integrated slider, close the ratchet, and it engages automatically in the locking position. This means that unintentional opening of the ratchet when on the move is effectively impossible. Please find below the sizes

Size Cost Colours
500kg Tonne £2.76 Blue & Orange
2 Tonne £8.93 Blue & Orange
4 Tonne (Bolt on) £3.90 N/A
5 Tonne 12” £11.50 Blue & Orange
5 Tonne 18” £12.50 Blue & Orange
5 Tonne 12m ERGO £36.00 Blue & Orange
5 Tonne 12” BEL £19.92 Blue & Orange


All prices quoted are less the vat at the standard rate of 20% and delivery charges if applicable, collections are more than welcome between normal business hours Monday to Friday.

Pull Down Straps

Size Cost Colours
8ft £7.90 Blue, Green & Red

Centre Straps

Size Cost Colours
24ft £8.78 Blue, Green & Red

Pull Over Straps

Size Cost Colours
24ft £9.78 Blue, Green & Red

Staple Tape 

Size Cost Colours
38ft £13.80 Blue & Green

Warning Triangles

Size Cost Colours
Long Left and Right £12.00 Red
Small £11.00 Red

Lifting Slings

We are agents for Spanset lifting slings and supply two types: round slings and webbing slings, which are sold to meet customer requirements.

Round Slings - These are an endless loop of immensely strong polyester fibres enclosed in a tubular outer sleeve. They are available in working load limits from 1,000 kg to 30,000 kg as standard.

Webbing Slings - These are manufactured from polyester webbing in two forms; a strap with an eye at each end or an endless sling. This can be made from a single or double layer of webbing.

Stuart Canvas Products also stocks and sells the following Spanset items that can be cut to size and shipped immediately (subject to stock).