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The Air Hall

The Air Hall

The Air Shelter is a new innovation to the sports industry. The Air Shelter is quick and easy to set up and very simple to use. There are two varieties that we offer: double skin or single skin.

The Air Shelters are used for tennis, cricket, football and other sports. Simple to inflate, and can be transported easily. The shelters provide a safe and dry environment in which to play.

Single Skin Air Hall

The single skin hall is made from strong PVC and is tubular in design. Once fully inflated there is no need to constantly pump air into it. The tubes are air tight and as such will stay up for long periods of time. The roof fabric is sturdy white PVC allowing a good amount of light through, while the windows are clear PVC and can be opened to allow more airflow around the hall.

A standard half court air hall can be rolled out and inflated in less than an hour.

Double Skin Air Hall

The double skin Air Hall is a permanent air dome. This product also uses the tubular system and the tubes are approximately 1.2 m wide. The double skinned air shelter reduces condensation and provides a better insulation against the cold, while also staying up for longer.

The double skin Air Hall requires constant air pumping through the chambers. A standard tennis court, once inflated, would need around 5 – 6 standard fans. The inflation time of a double skin Air Hall for a full size tennis court is around 30 minutes.

The double skin Air Hall is made from heavy duty PVC and is extremely durable.