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Vet Screens

Standard Vet Screen

Stuart Canvas Products is the leading supplier of veterinary screens to over 45 racecourses in the UK. We also supply screens to polo clubs, point-to-point courses and other equestrian related activities.

Our standard screen is 30 ft long by 8 ft high and has seven poles that can be easily inserted into the turf for stability. The screen has grab handles on each pole for extra stability. Also, it has viewing holes to allow officials to see through the screen to monitor proceedings.

The screens can be erected quickly and easily so that the public or media do not get a view of the injured horse or rider.

Angled Vet Screen

Angled Vet Screen

We also provide a vet screen that features an angled top. Measuring the same size as our standard screen, but with a 1 ½ ft higher angled top at 45 degrees. This will help block the view of spectators in the grandstands and higher seated areas and is therefore ideal for use in the parade ring and in front of the grandstands.

Our veterinary screens can be made to suit individual requirements and are approved by the Jockey Club.

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