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Retractable Tunnels

Retractable Tunnels

Stuart Canvas Products has been producing retractable tunnels for both sport and industry for over 20 years. We design and manufacture to suit the client’s exact needs, from the first site survey to the final installation. We have made retractable tunnels for football clubs such as Manchester United and stadiams such as Wembley, Stuart Canvas Products has also installed tunnels into power stations, schools and large warehouses as these tunnels can be used for industrial use.

The retractable tunnel offers greater protection from the elements when unloading goods. It serves as an extra storage facility, while offering a very economic weatherproof shelter.

The shelters can be sign-written to promote companies or goods and the main PVC body comes in a variety of colours to suit. They can be produced on wheels or in fixed tracking dependent on customer requirements and is very manageable to manoeuvre.

In terms of cost per square metre this is a very affordable solution to gaining extra storage space. As always, we will advise you throughout the whole process.

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